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Do you ever wonder why the Liberal,  claiming to represent the common man, derides Sarah Palin for being common?

Do you ever wonder why the Liberal, claiming to represent the poorest of us, guarantees that those very people can find no work by raising the minimum wage above what that person can produce?

Do you ever wonder why the Liberal, claiming to want to extend coverage to more Americans, wants to make that coverage more expensive?

If you have, then this video is for you:

Hat tip:  American Elephants


This health care debate has been raging for quite some time.  Listening to the talk and the pundits and all the rest of ’em, you begin to filter out the chaff from the wheat.  It seems pretty clear that there is a general agreement that we all agree change has to take place; it is costing more than it needs to for medical care.  Equally clear is that there is a fundamental philosophical difference between the Liberals and the Conservatives.

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So, I was watching and then listening to some of the Health Care Summit the other day.  Through out the whole thing I couldn’t help but wonder how the Democrats are winning the commercial message concerning who is truly the party of No.  Every conversation that I heard was based on the fact that we all agree health care reform is needed, and how.  The only request is that the Dems abandon their bill and start over.  Clean sheet, clean slate.

Their answer?  “No”

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When I was young, my dad told me that I needed health insurance.  I kinda laughed it off.  However, through my 20’s, I went through periods where I did and then did not have coverage.  Looking back, I should have maintained coverage for the duration; I never should have taken insurance “holidays”.  But where I was right when I did have coverage was the type of policy I bought.

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All too often folks on the Hill who don’t agree with the Liberal agenda are cast as the “Party of No”.  As if all they wanna do is stall legislation and attack for pure political points.  Then we’re told that Washington is broken.

“Washington right now is broken,” Vice President Joe Biden told “Early Show” co-anchor Harry Smith. “I don’t ever recall a time in my career where, to get anything done, you needed a supermajority – 60 out of 100 senators.”

“I’ve never seen it this dysfunctional,” added Biden.

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