Can You Really Be Poor?

There is significant talk about the poor in America. And to be sure, there are those who have an those who have not.  But can you say that America’s poor are truly poor?

Looking at some of the largest nations on earth, you can see that the threshold to be considered poor in America is higher, much higher, than the AVERAGE ANNUAL SALARY for the rest of the world.

Country Measure Dollars
Russia Annual Income $7,535.16
China Annual Income $7,524.00
Hungary Annual Income $7,200.00
India Annual Income $3,174.66
USA Poverty Level $10,830

Do we have some problems that need solving?  Sure.  But to argue that any other form of an economy is better than the free market is purely nonsensical.

It is better to be poor in America than average in most of the rest of the world.

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