United States House: North Carolina

North Carolina had her primaries yesterday.  While there were many races, I was really only concerned with one:  District 4.  This race featured BJ Lawson and Frank Roche.  Both candidates are strong and I would be happy with either one.  However, I was pulling for Mr. Lawson to pull it out.  And he did:

District 4 Primary

We now have until November to get him packing for Washington.

However, there are several other races that have my interest too:

2nd District:  Seat held by Bob Etheridge

4th District:  Seat held by David Price

13th District:  Seat held by Brad Miller

There are other seats held by Democrats, but many of those representatives have a more conservative vein in ’em and really, I would rather focus on the largest of the Leftists.

Let’s see what we can do to get these guys out of office!


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