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I dunno.  Sometimes it feels that we’re fightin’ the fools fight.  Tilting at windmills.

People get to vote who they wanna vote in.  If you don’t wanna pay taxes, find 51% of the population that feels like you and vote that guy in.

Stand for the unpopular, the Right, the Just…stand lonely.

But sometimes I get to stand with the crowd.

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I skipped 5000 because I went from 48 days between 1000 hits all the way down to 65.

Today, we are back to 48 days between 1000.

Kinda trivial nonsense, but it makes me feel good.

There are things that people say.  And then there are things people do.

And you can tell their priorities by one of em’.

You can “tell” me all flippin day long that you CARE about educating America’s youth.  That you CARE about teaching.

But when you don’t DO anything that shows you care about educating and teaching, forgive me when I call bullshit.

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Because it’s hard for a person who wants to get elected to tell the people doing the electing that they need to suck it up.

While I’ve only been politically jazzed for 2-3 years now I have always wondered how “other people” vote.  You know, do they vote for what’s good for them and them only or do they vote for the better of “the system”.

For example, if a road is going to run through my backyard means I lose my house but it’s good for the community, should I vote for it or against it.

Can you imagine how different a father would discipline his children if they could somehow “vote him out”?  The only reason we successfully raise our children is that we create rules that they otherwise would not generally abide.

Same for politics.

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Remember, the latest prediction is:

The updated forecast calls for 14 to 20 named tropical storms.


Eight to 12 storms could become hurricanes, and four to six of those hurricanes could become major storms, blowing winds of 111 mph or more, forecasters said.

With that said, today’s development:

Tropical Storm Earl has formed in the open Atlantic Ocean, but the system is far from land.

Earl has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph (65 kph) and is expected to become a hurricane by Friday.

That means we have:

  • 5 Named Storms
  • 2 Hurricanes

By the end of August we should see:

  • 7-10 Named storms
  • 4-6 hurricanes

That means in the next 5 days we would need to see:

  • 2-5 Named storms
  • 2-4 hurricanes

I expect zero new named storms with 1 new hurricane; Earl.