North Carolina 4th

Big BIG news in North Carolina.

See, there is a guy in the United States House of Representatives that votes with Nancy Pelosi.  A lot.  I mean, a REAL lot.

Like 98.9% of the time David Price votes with Nancy Pelosi. That means that we have a member of Congress in our District voting as if he had the interests of California at heart.  CALIFORNIA!

David Price has got to go!

And some good news:

There is reason to hope that he will:

“We are pulling slightly ahead of Mr. Price,” Lawson said to applause of his supporters.

Lawson said that such a result against an incumbent in a largely Democratic district shows “a deep degree of dissatisfaction” among voters.

In a recent poll, Lawson is seen as leading Price:

Lawson had 46.5 percent to Price’s 46.1 percent.
This is HUGE.  Lawson is ahead of Price; and we’re JUST getting started!
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