When Left Alone

The market.  She’s great.

When left alone, AND when “regulated” to the point that contracts are enforced, private property rights are recognized, will grow.


Never not.

So when folks were looking at the health care system and saw a bloody mess, they should have stepped back and said:

“Let it be”.

Had they, they would have found a product that folks who wanna make money would DIE for.

See, the argument among people who claim that the market will fail health care is that you can’t shop medical care.  You need it.  Therefore normal market conditions don’t hold.

But they forget about FOOD.

More than we need medical care we need food.  And somehow, the market has adjusted just fine.  In fact, it is those very same people who bring us this:

You can now buy medical plans through your local grocery store.

This now combines with cigars, wine, beer, medicine, fresh local organic produce, sushi, movies and fresh-cut flowers.

All in the convenience of an air-conditioned, clean, safe and well-lit warehouse.

I love the market.


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