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As we finish the Thanksgiving day feast and begin to clean up, I’m reminded of how thankful I am for the —


Yes, that humble machine that makes light work of all our struggles.

But I wonder, how many of our neighbors are so lucky as to have one of these wonder machines?

In 1984, just 13.6% of the poor had a dishwasher.  Today?  Nearly 300% more have ’em.  And much more:

% Households with: Poor 1984 Poor  1994 Poor
All 1971 All 2005
Washing machine 58.2 71.7 67.0 68.7 71.3 84.0
Clothes dryer 35.6 50.2 58.5 61.2 44.5 81.2
Dishwasher 13.6 19.6 33.9 36.7 18.8 64.0
Refrigerator 95.8 97.9 98.2 98.5 83.3 99.3
Freezer 29.2 28.6 25.4 25.1 32.2 36.6
Stove 95.2 97.7 97.1 97.0 87.0 98.8
Microwave 12.5 60.0 88.7 91.2 1.0 96.4
Color TV 70.3 92.5 96.8 97.4 43.3 98.9
VCR 3.4 59.7 75.4 83.6 0.0 92.2
Personal computer 2.9 7.4 36.0 42.4 0.0 67.1
Telephone 71.0 76.7 87.3 79.8 93.0 90.6
Air conditioner 42.5 49.6 77.7 78.8 31.8 85.7
Cellular Telephone 34.7 48.3 0.0 71.3
One or more cars 64.1 71.8 72.8 (2001) 79.5

Clearly life has gotten better.  Not just for me over the past few years, but for all American’s over the last 30.

Didja know that politicians have been lying to us for years now?!?


What they call one thing you and I would call another.

And because they use words differently than the rest of us, they have been able to shape how we think about the things they are talking about.

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The latest word on the streets is that “Big Business” had it’s best week ever.

American businesses earned profits at an annual rate of $1.659 trillion in the third quarter, according to a Commerce Department report released Tuesday. That is the highest figure recorded since the government began keeping track over 60 years ago, at least in nominal or noninflation-adjusted terms.

And the Left is pissed.  Very pissed.

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I am hard on Democrats.  And to be fair, I should really be more clear and rail against Liberals.  After all, I am SURE there are some decent minded Democrats out there.  The problem is, however, that Democrats are forced to keep supporting Liberals….and THAT makes me look at ’em sideways.

Anyway, the recent TSA hullaballu has me laughing at people.  And in this case, I’m mostly laughing at the Right.

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This via TJIC:

Apparently 50% of Americans could not get their hands on $2000 to deal with an emergency in 30 days. This includes money they’re saved, or could borrow through a credit card, from another financial institution, or from friends or family. And it isn’t just poor people. IIRC 30% of people making between $100k and $125k couldn’t come up with two grand in a month.


30% of people making between 100k and 125k couldn’t come up with 2 grand in 30 days for an emergency?

I don’t care WHAT color you are, red elephant or blue donkey.  The fact that America is that frackin’ broke is why we are in trouble.

The Recession hit.  And it hit hard.

And now that it’s over, many people, economists and politicians, are wondering when the jobs are going to come back.

Heck, look at the recent election for proof that current conditions are brutal.  Don’t think that the surviving Democrats aren’t mindful of where we are and where we’re going.

And the current dilemma?  Unemployment benefits are going to expire for many folks pretty soon.

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