Wake County Superintendent

So, Wake County Public Schools has been without a superintendent for some time now.  When the new board began implementing policies that did not jive with the old boss; he resigned.

Fair enough.  The super and the board should get along.

And now we have our new guy.  Even though I’m disappointed the board didn’t disband the district and decide to give every child a waiver, there are things to like about the new superintendent.

And the very first thing at the top of the list?  Michelle Rhee recommended him.  That, alone, should be enough to satisfy anyone.  After all, Rhee is, or was, the driving force behind the effort to clean up the DC public mess that they call a school.

And second on the list?  He doesn’t have a background in education.

From where I’m sittin’, if you haven’t been contaminated by the backwards thinking that education people have AND Ms. Rhee is in your corner; YOU are my guy!


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