Devastating Pictures of a Once Great City

Herein lie the results of Liberal governance.  THIS is –or should be–the epitaph of destructive policies from the minds of Leftists.

A once proud and great city demolished.

All here for you to see.

Continue to elect Obama, Pelosi and Reid at your peril.  Support and allow Unions to dominate a city and State at your own risk.  Ignore Liberty and instead plunder and employ force to separate the man from his production and behold; BEHOLD your world Leftist.


  1. Robin said:

    Wow, what a shame. I can see the demise of iconic architecture could very well be liberal induced; however, I would really like to use your photo source to discuss a related (government help us) issue, if I may.

    • pino said:

      Hi Robin,

      The pictures aren’t mine. I found them at the website I linked too.

      But yes, horrible horrible state of stairs for that city.

      I offer you nothing but good lick and best wishes in any attempt you make
      regarding a fix.


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