Aahh Yes, A Lesson on the Tender Mercies of Tolerance From the Left

No sooner had I finished the polishing touches on the post I just wrote pointing out the violence of the Left and the hypocrisy of the same do I sit down with a cold beer and work on clearing out the DVR.

And I get to the Daily Show.  And 12 saved episodes. And yeah, it’s time to clean out some Daily show.

So I crack the beer and settle in for some good times with Jon Stewart.

And whatta’ya know…right out of the gate we get a segment on political discourse in the wake of the Tucson shootings.

We get a Democrat preaching on and on about controlling the tone.  The timber.  The violence.  And then, right after that, we get that same Democrat calling out the Republican Party a bunch of Nazi’s for their stance on health care.

I could go on about this.  But, as my wife reminds me, I’m not very funny.  So I’ll let the aforementioned Mr. Stewart take center stage:

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  1. It’s great to have Jon Stewart call him out on that. Satire and humor can be powerful retorts to irrational political discourse.

    • pino said:

      Satire and humor can be powerful retorts to irrational political discourse.

      He’s immensely talented. And while I think he trends left he does a good job of calling out both sides.

  2. He makes laugh. Does he need to do more?

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