Only In a Leftist America

Only if you are a Democrat will you give someone the choice to take the life of a child but deny them the choice of belonging to a Union.

  1. As I’ve said on my blog (and will save you the long diatribe here!) the unions have done a great job of making people think a union’s adversary is management. It’s not – their enemy is the non-unionized worker who believes in the quality of their work and not thuggery.

    I give Obama credit for shaking up the teacher’s unions and America credit for finally waking these mobs up to fiscal reality.

  2. Henry said:

    Unions claim that there are two competing forces in the work place, the workers and management; however, there are actually three forces, the workers, management, and the Union. Each of these three units have different goals and objectives. While the Union does work hard to assist the workers, the Union does not want the workers to be self sufficient in the same way that an accountant does not want clients to prepare their own taxes.

  3. George said:

    This post doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me … are you saying that Democrats demand that people join unions?

  4. pino said:

    are you saying that Democrats demand that people join unions?


    Democrats overwhelmingly support unions. Unions overwhelmingly donate to Democrats.

    In states that allow unions to bargain, if you want a job at a unionized company, you are compelled to join the union and pay union dues.

    For example, in Wisconsin, if you wanna teach you have to join a union and pay the dues.

    Governor Walker is looking to change that portion of the law. Unions can still organize, but they would be unable to compel people to pay dues.

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