Wisconsin Was Only The Tip Of The Spear: Collective Bargaining Rights

What started out in Wisconsin has been embraced by a large part of America.  While Wisconsin was busy becoming famous for playing the role of battle ground, states all over America were busy getting to work.

Wisconsin passed a bill which would strip much of the collective bargaining rights away from union members.  When it came to benefits, these unions would have to compete in the market just like us normal guys.

Pity that.

Wisconsin still hasn’t been able to implement it’s law, however.  A judge has ordered an injunction due to a suit brought up against the Republicans claiming that the session used to pass the bill violated open meetings rules.  I don’t know for sure if those rules were broken or not, however, the bill will become law in time.  Either with a positive ruling or by simply voting again.

But look at what it kicked off:

The Democratic-controlled Statehouse in Massachusetts voted earlier this week to strip public employee unions of their collective bargaining rights, as part of the state’s budget measure. It passed by a vote of 157 to 1.

The Massachusetts legislation would allow local municipalities to make unilateral changes to agreed-upon benefits, like health care, bypassing the need for union approval. It would, however, leave open a 30-day window where unions may be consulted on changes to benefits.

The nation is in trouble; states are in trouble.  And finally, through the actions of a few strong legislatures and 1 governor, people are beginning to see the massive damage inflicted by unions.

  1. Alan Scott said:

    So why are there no recall elections of Democrat politicians in Mass. like there are Republican politicians in Wis. facing recall ?

    • pino said:

      So why are there no recall elections of Democrat politicians in Mass. like there are Republican politicians in Wis. facing recall ?

      Wisconsin was focused white hot intensity. The unions intuit that they have lost the public. I seriously think they’re struggle to find their new message.

  2. dedc79 said:

    I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss unions. Unions are the reason there are occupational safety laws, the reason there is workers comp when you get injured, the reason there are child labor laws, etc…

    Unions are far from perfect and there is plenty of evidence of corruption and misuse of funds, and I think there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of how unions function in the present day. Even with all of this, they are an important counter-balance to the power of corporations, and I’m not sure why there is so much gloating at efforts to strip them of any power. I can’t understand for the life of me why republicans are so bothered by the minimal power unions still exert, and so unconcerned about corporate influence/lobbying/corruption/election fixing.

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