Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Law: Thoughts

First, out of the gate:  Unions are loathsome awful things.

They produce nothing; create nothing.

They drain resources from the companies they work for and inhibit growth and expansion.

They do this by appealing to the populist message that unions protect the worker, the everyday guy gettin’ ‘er done.

Fair wage, safe conditions and equality for all.

But it’s not true.  Precious little of it is true.

In the end, labor is another commodity.  No different than steel or lumber or cotton.  It’s an input to a product; an output.  A reasonable business is going to look at both the cost of that labor and the gain of that labor.  And, based on that calculus, will hire or not hire more people, and specific people.

Cheap labor there?  Buy!

Expensive but highly productive labor here?  Buy!

Expensive AND unproductive labor here?  Pass!

And no one will admit that.  No one will admit that there are people THEY wouldn’t hire because they are unqualified.  In short, they aren’t worth the asking price.

And that is as it should be.

I should be able to determine the worth of my skills, or needs, and trade on an open and fair market.  I mow lawns?  Barrier to entry: low.  Flexibility: high.  Market value: low.

There isn’t anything moral or immoral about that.

And so here we are in Wisconsin.

A government, properly elected, passed legislation in a proper manner, and sent it to the governor for signature to be passed into law.  Does this law restrict the rights of teachers?


Does it take away the rights of teachers to find work?


Does this law violate basic Liberties?


In fact, does this law restore those Liberties?


This law, at its heart, gives back the ability to openly negotiate with individuals, to the state.  This law allows the government to restore market rates for services.  This law allows for individuals NOT to pay into a Union.  This law, in short, restores Liberty  that the government confiscated long ago.

And it’s about time.

Bravo Wisconsin.


  1. Here’s some empirical evidence to support your point:


    Also, see the following as well: http://biggovernment.com/shazlett/2011/06/04/big-labor-puts-politics-ahead-of-jobs/

  2. This law allows for individuals NOT to pay into a Union.

    Gotta say this is one of my favorite parts. I am anxious to see how many union workers stop paying.

    • pino said:

      Gotta say this is one of my favorite parts.

      I’ve always said; join if ya wanna. But not if ya don’t.

      • Ojmo is discussing this same topic on Moe’s site. It is getting interesting over there. 😉

      • pino said:

        Ojmo is discussing this same topic on Moe’s site. It is getting interesting over there.

        I stepped in it!

      • I think I am going to write a post about unions using the scenario technique you’ve “patented.”

        You’ll see what I mean when publish it in the morning. Analogies are much easier for people to understand.

        Anyway, thanks for mixing it up over there!

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