On All Things Redistributive

This is good stuff.

Call ’em what ya want, but businessmen are good at business.  Usually that is.  See, the system tends to flush the poor ones out.  Now, to be sure, there are exceptions, even notable ones.  And there are even cases where men and women have done well for a very long time only to stumble later on.

Say what’cha will.  But one thing is for sure.  Business is in the business of making money.  And for all of us, that is a most wonderful thing.

That is the thing that brings us I-Pods, Phones and Pads.

This is what gives us blueberries in January and corn on the cob in April.  French wine, Swiss chocolate and German sausage all in one safe well lit air conditioned warehouse.

But I digress.  These people are in it to win it.  And God help the man that gets in the way of that.

Steve Wynn is a Democrat.  He supports and votes for Harry Reid for the sake of all that’s holy.  Yet this business man not only recognizes damage, he actively speaks out against it in no uncertain terms:

He’s polite.  He doesn’t swear and doesn’t curse.  He doesn’t disrespect the President in any way; but he sure let’s it be known that Obama is killing this economy.

Notice he doesn’t say Democrats.  He doesn’t say Liberal agendas.  He says, clearly, Obama is holding back this economy.

I have liberal friends who mention that we have yet to see a Liberal President.  They say that Barack Obama isn’t really a Liberal; he’s a moderate more in line with mainstream politicians than he is a true Liberal.  And I tell them what I always tell Liberals when I hear that:


Obama himself is as Liberal as they come.  In his books, you can hear him say that he sought out certain types of thinkers.  He grew up in a world remote from America.  He didn’t play kick the can and Any Any Over.  He didn’t grow up pulling for the Sox or the Dodgers or the Twins.  For much of his life he never fired fire crackers on the Fourth of July.

This man sees the world as one giant injustice.  An injustice that needs to be fixed.  An injustice that needs to be fixed by government.  And he is that man!

Except, according to my Liberal friends, he’s not Liberal.

My theory?  Mr Barack Obama is a massive Liberal; a Marxist to be sure.  However, he’s shitty at it.

Just because the Pittsburgh Pirates haven’t had a winning season in 18 years doesn’t mean they not a baseball team.  It means that they are a SHITTY baseball team.

Just because Barack Obama isn’t pushing through Liberal agenda doesn’t mean he’s not a Liberal.  It means that he’s shitty at being a Liberal.

Anyway, back to Wynn’s rant.  Check out these gems:

  • What I consider to be a total lack of leadership from this President.
  • I’m saying it bluntly, that this administration is the greatest wet blanket to business and progress and job creation in my lifetime.
  • A President that seems to, that uses that word “redistribution”.
  • They’re frightened about this administration.
  • Those of us who have business opportunities and have the capital to do that are gonna sit in fear of the President.
  • This is Obama’s deal.  And it’s Obama that’s responsible for this fear in America.  The guy keeps making speeches about redistribution and maybe we oughta do something to business that don’t invest, they’re holding too much money.  You know, we haven’t heard that talk except from pure socialists.
  • Everyone is afraid of the government.
  • It IS the truth.
  • The business community in this country is frighted to death of the — weird political philosophy of the President of the United States.  And until he’s gone, every body’s gonna be sittin’ on their thumbs.

Ahhhh, the sweet smell of Hope and Change in the summer time!

  1. Karyn said:

    Hey, leave the Pirates out of it….I’d have said, “just because the Vikings havent won a super bowl doesn’t mean they aren’t a football team, just means they’re a shitty one.”

    • pino said:

      I’d have said, “just because the Vikings havent won a super bowl doesn’t mean they aren’t a football team, just means they’re a shitty one.”

      Fair point. But I met a guy in full Pirate Regalia. Couldn’t quit talking. So, ya know….

  2. Alan Scott said:

    pino ,

    Democrats say that Obama is not liberal because they are having to explain why he is failing . They can’t admit that their philosophy of life is a failure, so it has to be his execution of their ideas .

    • pino said:

      They can’t admit that their philosophy of life is a failure, so it has to be his execution of their ideas .

      Yes, much of the Liberal economic view is a failure. It is not a human trait to wanna work and sacrifice only to have someone else take the results of such work.

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