On Why We MUST Fix Global Warming

This sums up my view of why the Left is so very critically concerned about the whole warming of the globe:

The solutions proposed by the left aim to leverage this problem to build the economic order they have failed to achieve by other means.


It would be easier to listen to the Liberal solution to this problem if it didn’t sound EXACTLY like the normal meme of taking resources from the evil rich and giving it to the victimized poor.

Now, go read the whole article.

  1. I agree with the post you link to. The fact is that because so many on the right have denied global warming, chalked it up to a “conspiracy theory” of scientists or politicized the issue, we end up with few rational conservative critiques and alternatives on how to handle global warming. It ends up being deniers vs. those wanting a radical approach. When someone looks at the evidence and decides that global warming is a problem, it’s difficult to find a conservative critique of problems with proposed solutions along with alternative ideas? You can find them, but they are not mainstream. When people like Huntsman and Christie say global warming is a problem, they get viciously attacked from their right, making a lot of Republicans worried that they can’t deny the dogma from one vocal part of their party. I

    • pino said:

      It ends up being deniers vs. those wanting a radical approach.

      Yeah, I know.

      I’m in a bit of a reflection mood these last few days and have come to think that what happens is that debates are dominated by the margins; the extremes at either end. And so, in my case, I get so frustrated and exasperated at the far Left that I rage against anyone who is Left of me as if THEY were the extreme. They, not knowing that I’m screaming at the FAR Left rightfully feel that I’m attacking them. The result is that even guys on the Right who “claim” they are moderate are crazy, thus solidifying THEIR opinion that all guys on the Right are extreme.

      And so it goes.

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