Minnesota Vikings: Corporate America

I bleed Purple.

Much of my childhood is wrapped around the beat of the NFL football season.  It permeated everything as I grew up.

My church, bless their souls, scheduled the late morning service at 10:45 so that it would end at 11:45.  There isn’t a home in town that’s more than 10 minutes away; we all could get back in time to watch the Vikes.

We played scratch on the streets.  We kept our feet in-bounds by the feel of the curb even as we layed ourselves out on the boulevard to catch that pass.  We ALL were Ahmad Rashad.  We didn’t even TRY to be Page, Eller, Marshal or Larsen; they were simply too mean.

Bud Grant is simply the coolest human being in all the world.  He won championships in the NBA AND the CFL.  He played in the NFL.  Dude flat out nails macho.  And Minnesota.

I died when Drew Pearson Cheated.  And then winced as they twisted the knife with Herschel.  By that time I didn’t care that they took my Stars, what the hell, right?

I’ll die all over again if the team moves.  The team that BEAT Chicago on their first game; you kidding me?  I’ll just die.

But we can NOT buy them a stadium:

 Gov. Mark Dayton said Friday that National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell told him Los Angeles’ desire for a football team makes it all the more important for Minnesota to resolve the Vikings stadium issue.

Dayton said that no threats were lodged in Thursday’s conversation with Goodell, but the implications of no action were clear.

“If we don’t act in some way and get a stadium project going, it’s unrealistic in my opinion to think that we are not going to face competition for the team in the near future,” Dayton said.

The Vikings are one of several teams being mentioned as possibly relocating to Los Angeles, where there are competing proposals to build an NFL stadium.

I give massive props to the Democrat governor.  He is an equal opportunity State spender; the arts and the Vikings.  But as much as a abhor the State sponsoring of the opera, so too do I abhor the idea of the State paying for a private football club’s stadium.

I’d just die.

  1. But if it helps the Minnesota economy by keeping a sports franchise in place, at least in terms of a cost-benefit analysis it could be a good move. If Minnesota doesn’t build them a stadium, someone else well.

    • pino said:

      But if it helps the Minnesota economy by keeping a sports franchise in place, at least in terms of a cost-benefit analysis it could be a good move.

      I agree. But no study I have seen suggests that this can be accomplished.

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