OWS: Chapel Hill Edition

I continue to make the point that the OWS protest crowd is spinning into lawlessness and soon to be violence.  We’ve already seen rape and assault in New York and then murder in Oakland.  The proof isn’t open for debate.  Larger rallies involving Tea Party folks didn’t have even a HINT at violence.  They rallied on the day and time they said they would, they registered for permits, and when the time came to end, they went home.  But not before cleaning up after themselves.

OWS is seen urinating in public and even defecating in public.  There is no respect for private property.  These people vandalize shop keepers who refuse them restrooms.  Restrooms where they not only go to the bathroom, but wash and bathe themselves.  It’s as if they feel the world owes them.

And now, the gentle Left and it’s slow descent into chaos has come to Carolina:

Blue [Chapel Hill Chief of Police] said that officers tried to confront the crowd inside the Yates Motor building on Saturday but found some wearing masks and hoods and acting in a threatening manner.

“This was a reaction we had not encountered in any of our interactions with the ‘Occupy Chapel Hill’ group,” he said.

The “Occupy” group has been protesting peacefully for weeks outside the Chapel Hill Post Office. Supporters said the seven who were arrested Sunday were part of the group that has been at the post office.

Police said the group inside the Yates Motor building had obscured windows with large banners, and some members were posted on the roof as lookouts. Anarchists use such strategies to take over buildings and destroy property, police said.

Inside the building, police said, they found flammable material, a bag of rocks and pamphlets that discussed the number of people needed to overturn a police car.

Private buildings being “occupied”, covered windows, bags of rocks and “how to overturn a cop car”.

But this is a peaceful movement made up of young thoughtful individuals bent on a genlte revolution.

  1. OWS nation wide remains almost completely non-violent and effective. I don’t know where you get this stuff, but you’re way off base. Rape — blaming OWS for that — ABSURD! Look, they are in inner cities and a lot of people not involved in the movement may abuse it, but connecting those things to OWS writ large is EXACTLY like attacking the US military as being defined by rape (there are many incidents of women raped by soldiers — including military women, so much that in some cases they feared going to the latrine at nights), torture (Abu Gbraib), murder of innocents (that happened many times too). So if one took your logic one would say it’s not open for debate but that the US military is defined by rapists, sadistic murderers and torturers. OWS is non-violent, and, as Jeffrey Sachs predicts (mirroring some of what I’ve written), could portend a real change in the nature of politics: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/13/opinion/sunday/the-new-progressive-movement.html?_r=2

    So before you dismiss months of non-violence because of one group apparently in one building, think about whether or not that logic should be applied to the American military, or even to Christians (think of some of the misdeeds by people who are called Christians).

    • pino said:

      OWS nation wide remains almost completely non-violent and effective.

      Scott, there is violence in every section of America. The West coast, the mountains, New York and here in Carolina. And even the folks in NY are occupying private property.

      They keep cops out and don’t self report these crimes. This is demonstrated by the fact that they set up “women tents” in the park.

      I predict that violence increases, not decreases as we see the protest get older.

      • While I think that overall the protests have been peaceful and effective, I do think it’s time they think of moving to a new phase, ending the actual occupation phase. They do risk their message being hijacked by malcontents and trouble makers as this goes on. I’ll do a blog post about that soon.

      • pino said:

        While I think that overall the protests have been peaceful and effective, I do think it’s time they think of moving to a new phase, ending the actual occupation phase. They do risk their message being hijacked by malcontents and trouble makers as this goes on.

        That’s my point. The longer they linger with no clear achievable goal, the more risk they accrue.

  2. Henry said:

    Ten years ago I was involved with an animal rights group. I completely supported their goals, but their implementation was, in my opinion, backwards. Many of the group’s members took great pride in participating in civil disobedience activities that would lead to an arrest. The group even offered classes to teach members how to resist the police peacefully. Never were protesters to fight back against the police, but the members were taught how to stand or sit tightly together so that the police would need to pull the protesters apart. That type of activity is just not who I am. I have no desire to waste a night in jail. I need to get up early to go to work the next day. Even if I did not need to go to work, I would still consider it improper to waste the resources of the local police department. Protests are okay, but the goal at the end of the day should not be an arrest. Even a peaceful arrest should not be a badge of honor.

    I suspect that Tea Party protesters would agree with my thinking, and OWS protesters would politely disagree.

    • If you compare the arrests of OWS folk with participants, most seem to want to avoid arrest. And many of the police actions have met virtually no resistance. I do know someone involved with Veterans for Peace who does think its good to get arrested (he’s “occupied” Senator’s offices, etc.) He’s a Vietnam Vet driven by the best of intentions. I personally don’t look at things that way, but he definitely does not engage in violence and is respectful as he’s arrested so I have to respect his integrity.

  3. Alan Scott said:

    Scott ,

    ” They do risk their message being hijacked by malcontents and trouble makers as this goes on, ”

    That happened very early and you are in denial .

    • pino said:

      That happened very early

      Not only did it happen very early on, but the message that they represent the 99% made it very difficult for them to “craft policy” that would seem to punish unwanted people.

      Their whole mission statement seems to be that people who have no talent should be given stuff by those who DO have talent.

  4. Alan Scott said:

    99% is where most of us will reside our entire lives, but according to National Review 73% of 400 richest taxpayers only stay there for one year .Eliminate that 1% and you still have that 1% just with different people in it. Also according to National Review, 80% of millionaires in the US are first generation rich . Picking good parents is the biggest factor in getting off of the bottom rung in the US. The 99% are mad at the wrong people . OWS should be occupying their parents houses . Wait, they already do that .

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