Elections 2010

In 2010, Republicans took control of both the North Carolina Senate and the North Carolina House for the first time since 1898.  That’s more than 100 years.

And guess what happens when taxes are reigned in while spending is cut:

Raleigh, N.C. — North Carolina’s revenue collections are still ahead of projections set when legislators drew up the state government budget this year.

The General Assembly’s top economist told lawmakers Tuesday the state’s coffers have taken in $115 million above the roughly $6 billion expected through Oct. 31, the first four months of the fiscal year.

The presentation by Barry Boardman to a legislative oversight committee said the amount of taxes withheld from worker paychecks is improving and corporate income tax collections are above targeted levels.

The revenue surplus was about $150 million through September.

The fact that we have a spending problem can only be denied if you are a die hard Statist or a liar.


At the risk of summoning Don, I have to ask the question in light of this information:

Raleigh, N.C. — An 89-year-old Raleigh man accused of voter fraud said he was trying to prove a point by casting two ballots.

“I think the election system is pathetic,” Leland Duane Lewis said Wednesday.

On Oct. 29, 2010, Lewis said he voted early at the Optimist Center in Raleigh.

“I voted on the front of the ballot – just the front,” he said.

Lewis said he wondered how easy it would be to get a second ballot, so he went to his regular polling place, St. Raphael’s Catholic Church, on Election Day. He said he gave his name and address to precinct officials and was given a ballot.

“So, I voted the back of the ballot,” he said. “They should’ve had information that said, ‘Hey Mister, you voted.'”


So, a man, able to vote early on one day and then, on election day, goes to his regular polling place, is able to vote again.  But our system isn’t broke.  And how do I know it isn’t broke?

Because I don’t know it’s not broke.

Or something like that.

The New York Times is reporting Weiner will resign:

Representative Anthony D. Weiner has told friends that he plans to resign his seat after revelations of his lewd online exchanges with women, said a person told of Mr. Weiner’s plans.

I don’t like people that yell and scream like Weiner did.  There are times and places for that type of behavior, but he utilized it far to often.  It demonstrated a different kind of characteristic.

Him sending pictures of himself in the gym and in his draws is consistent with that kind of behavior.

My question now is this:

Where will the Democrats put him?

CNN with the ex-governor of New York?

I gotta wonder, ’cause he ain’t got any other skills.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get better….it got better.

Republicans abandoned a bill to slash $74 billion in federal spending Thursday after coming under heavy pressure from Tea Party-backed freshmen to fulfill the party’s pledge of cutting $100 billion this year, House aides confirmed.

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) had intended to release a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government after March 4 that would have cut $32 billion from current spending levels and $74 billion from Obama’s 2011 budget request. He outlined some of the major cuts in the CR on Wednesday.

But the GOP’s large bloc of Tea Party-backed freshmen resisted that plan, instead calling for the full $100 billion cut the party had promised in their “Pledge to America.”

We want this budget reduced.  We want spending reduced.  We want government reduced.

Do it.

For nearly 40 years I lived free from the burdens of a red hot political fire.  Sure I had my views on issues, the big ones, without a doubt.  But reading and studying like I’ve done?  Never.

It never EVER occurred to me to “be political”.

But that ALL changed with Barack Hussein Obama.  In an instant.

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2010 saw the power of people.  For the first time we saw strong, committed conservatives take to the streets.  The movement grew from individual to individual.  All of America was swept up as everyday Americans gathered arm in arm to protest bad policy, bad politics and bad politicians.

And it worked.    Scott Brown in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia in 2009.  And, of course, the massive statement made this past November.

It’s clear, America capital “L” loves Tea!

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Again with politicians making up language that fits their needs.

I once had an English teacher in high school.  We were reading “The Merchant of Venice”.  In the story, Shylock loses his estate due to a quirk of law.  On one of our tests, the English teachers asks the True or False question:

Shylock lost half of his estate due to his legal dealings with Antonio.

I answered, “False”.  After all, he lost the whole of the estate.

She marked it wrong, saying that if he lost ALL of his estate, certainly he lost half of it as well.

Words have meanings.

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It really started a long time ago.  While the Democrats controlled the Senate with a bone crushing majority, they knew, they KNEW that they had to have 60 to pass Obamacare.

So, they id what they had to do, scheduled vote after vote and passed the thing in the dead of night on Christmas Eve.  The bill wasn’t perfect, but they could send it to the House, tweak it, and get it through later.

But then Scott Brown won.  So the only option left open was for the House to pass the Senate Bill as was.  And they couldn’t do it.

Only they did.

But they knew then that what they had done was crap.

They knew it then.

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