Last week, Sean asked if the bake sale in California was racist.

This past Tuesday, the Berkeley College Republicans sponsored a bake sale on campus that sold cupcakes at different prices based on ethnicity. Whites had to pay the highest prices at $2 per cupcake, while Native Americans received the lowest prices at 25 cents.

Now, I’m a firm believer in the Rand Paul version of race relations.  That is, it’s perfectly legal, certainly not reasonable, for a private merchant to serve who he wants.  And not to serve who he doesn’t.  Further, I think the word racist is misused today.  Probably in the same way that liberals feel conservatives misuse Socialist.

Do I think the bake sale is racist?  No.

Do I think it’s discriminatory?  Yes.

Do I think it’s satire in the same way Jon Stewart is satire?  Most certainly.

However, I also think it’s appropriate.  Universities all over the country are going out of their way to sell their “cupcakes” at different prices to different people base don nothing but race.

Consider admission into the University of Wisconsin Law School:


So, what’s up with Wisconsin?  Why so racist?  Why is the School of Law at the University of Wisconsin so over the top inappropriate?

I suggest that they’re so inappropriate because they don’t know they are being inappropriate.  Consider admission into the University of Michigan School of Law:


And Nebraska:


The point?

We make race an issue.  The fact is that the color of your skin DOES matter.  It matters a whole lot.  Wanna get into law school?  Be black.  Wanna NOT get into law school?  Be white.

Is what those kids in California are doing shocking?  Sure, I think so.  Selling a cupcake for less money depending on your skin color IS shocking.  SHOULD be shocking.

But it’s no different that the Leftists selling law degrees for less depending on your skin color.



Long before Barack Obama become President, the Republican party has been accused of being racist.  I guess it’s because conservatives advocate policies that don’t transfer wealth from one group of people to another that’s the cause of this shrill shriek.  In a similar vein, the Left could argue that conservative parents who think it’s a good idea to do your homework could be called “kidists”.  Clearly those parents hate their kids.

However, since Barack Obama IS the President, the case against conservatives being labelled as racists has increased.  It seems that not one single critique of the President or his policies can be leveled without the hammer of race being raised to combat that critique.

The most recent example of this phenomenon is when Rick Perry referred to the debt as a “black-cloud”.  Ed Schultz jumped on the occasion and labeled the man a racist for his racist comments.  Normally I would say that Ed is just an entertainer trying to make a living and using what he can to do so.  However, this isn’t an isolated case, this is systemic, this is premeditated and this is a strategy.

Only look back to Obama’s 2008 campaign when he mentioned that:

“…you know, he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

He knew it then, he knows it now.  He signaled it then and the folks have followed.

The problem is, fewer and fewer people are buying it:

ONE of the most dispiriting aspects of going through university as a humanities major in the mid 1990s was the insistence on viewing everything—or at least every work of literature—through the prisms of race, class and gender. It turned the pleasurable act of reading into a tawdry little detective game, in which students were expected to ferret out every conceivable shred of “evidence”, plausible or not, for bias on the part of the author, the publisher, society, etc. Offer precocious undergraduates the chance to rail against society’s (read: their parents’) hidden biases and they will surely take it, but these readings were for the most part boring, wrong and trivial.

All of which is by way of saying that I have a great deal of sympathy for Reihan Salam’s argument against reductionism. He begins by giving Ed Schultz a well-deserved raspberry for imputing racist sentiment to Rick Perry’s reference to debt as “a black cloud” (boneheaded as Mr Schultz’s comment may be, it is hard to wholly deplore something that led to such a great Daily Show sketch). “Many on the left are convinced that Perry must in his heart of hearts be a racist,” Mr Salam writes, “and indeed that conservatism itself is rooted in racist sentiments.” Does one even need to say that this is wrong—that conservatism is not, in fact, rooted in racist sentiment? That opposition to a Democratic president, even one who happens to be black, is not inherently racist?

There was a reason, even as a liberal 18 year-old, that I mocked CLA’ers.  CLA is short hand slang for “College of Liberal Arts” at the University of Minnesota.  We attended the Minnesota Institute for Technology.  Rightly so, we reasoned that many of those gaining a degree at the “other school” were really gaining what some people called a degree.

But fun at the expense of silly degree programs aside, the idea that conservatives must be racist because we don’t agree with the prevailing thought mentality of the average Leftist is as silly as those degrees.  The idea that I have to have my ideas and intentions vetted for validity by the likes of  those who build programs that don’t help the people they’re meant to help is absurd.

Sadly, absurd sells.


As a general rule I try to listen to what people say with a degree of open-mindedness.  IN my line of work, I hear all kids of reasons for things gone wrong and even more for why they can’t get fixed.

All day, every day.

And, in truth, many of those folks are right.  Or mostly right.  Or maybe just kinda right.

Every once in awhile I find someone who is NEVER right and I disregard what they say out of hand.  The Reverend Barber and the North Carolina NAACP are that guy.

RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina’s NAACP chapter says it will fight the General Assembly’s plan to redraw legislative and congressional boundaries in court and within the Obama administration.

The Rev. William Barber said Monday the group is ramping up to challenge the maps drawn by the first Republican-led Legislature since the 1870s.

The first map drawn by Republicans since the 1870s.  Can you imagine how gerrymandered that map is today; only in favor of the Democrats?  Can you imagine a scenario where that map ISN’T gonna look different than the Democrat’s map?  One that has had the advantage of being refined over 141 years?

It’s become so bad that I’m not convinced proper legislation has been passed unless and until Reverend Barber complains.  Then I KNOW it’s right!

So, I’m sittin’ here looking at old articles regarding the Tea Party and how racist they are.  Right?

After all, we’ve seen the pictures that show how the Tea Party protests lack a certain…a certain, shall we say, touch of color.

And who can argue?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But what is your reaction when I tell you that those protests weren’t Tea Party protests?  Rather, they were Union protestors opposing Scott Walker.


I don’t like groups of people that label other groups of people as racist.  Or of saying that they are doing things for racist reasons.  I mean, do those groups of people even know what racism means?

The belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others.

Does the NAACP really think that a group of people, in this case the Tea Party, really feels that they hold beliefs that African American people have characteristics determined by hereditary factors?

It would seem so.

However, with that said, I don’t believe the answer to such gross mis-characterizations in such circumstances is to respond in kind.

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He was a leader.

He was an innovator.

He stood up when many wouldn’t.  He preached love while others practiced hate.

He took the worst of us, saw the best in them and made us ALL believe that not only should we do better, but that we all would do better.

Martin’s message meant and means many things, but it doesn’t mean that we can use race as a means to implement policy.

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In a world where the Tea Party is considered racist, Juan Williams in the ONLY black male reporter at NPR?

And they fire HIM!

Are you bullshitting me?

The Leftist’s in this country are clearly, CLEARLY, out of touch.

Much progress has been made in race relations in the last generation.  And,, I suspect, more progress will YET be made as my children have children.

It’s the nature of human nature.  We adjust, albeit slowly, to injustice and build a more noble character.

But sometimes the simple and slow march of time isn’t satisfying enough.  We find that we must do more.  And do it now.

So, well, so we do.  And we sometimes find that what we get isn’t what we want.

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Ahhh yes, my favorite morning show hosts are back at it.  Back at sounding rather, umm, well, less than intelligent.

The discussion of the moment is that Palin isn’t “smart” or “educated” but that Obama is.  And the proof of this is the fact that he graduated Columbia University and later attended, and graduated form Harvard aw School.  Further, he served as the editor of the Harvard Law Review.

And that’s where the hilarity begins.

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