Republicans Can Be Leftists Too

For nearly 40 years I lived free from the burdens of a red hot political fire.  Sure I had my views on issues, the big ones, without a doubt.  But reading and studying like I’ve done?  Never.

It never EVER occurred to me to “be political”.

But that ALL changed with Barack Hussein Obama.  In an instant.

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We knew it wasn’t gonna take long.  As shock and horror melted away into grief, which in turn melted into rejoicing, we have time to reflect on the impacts of this tragedy.

Because they are elected to “do the people’s business”, our elected officials are going to feel obligated to do just that.

To be sure, folks are gonna line up and voice their complaint, their grievance, their solution.  And they’re gonna say, like everyone before them, “Restrict more rights!”

Except they won’t say it like that.

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Only caught a little bit of the boys from Greensboro this morning.  What I did hear caught me by surprise.

I’m accustomed to the typical view from the Left with a bit of arrogance thrown in for spice; that’s my breakfast.  But this morning I found myself agreeing with ’em.  And twice!

They began the hour discussing the House Republicans promise to reduce spending by $100 billion dollars in the first year.  Since they’ve won and especially as they begin to take office, they’ve scaled that back by half, and possibly even more.  Some folks have ’em saying that they’ll only be able to achieve $30 billion.

1 word for ’em:


We didn’t do what we did to get you in office to act like Democrats  at worst and old-time Republicans like best.  You stood there, looked us in the eye and PROMISED us you would cut spending this first year.

This nonsense that we’re half way through the budget year ain’t cuttin’ it.  Either you were so shortsighted to NOT know that was the case or you DID know and know you’re just shinin’ me.  Either case gives me pause for concern.

Cut the spending.

Okay, that felt good.  Now, the second case we agreed this morning came during a conversation surrounding social security.  We all know it’s not sustainable.  A combination of all the money being spent AND the fact that we are gonna retire a ton of people in the coming years means we just don’t have the money.  And we’re gonna have to change the way we pay out.

During the conversation, Britt offered the insight that no one is able to make suggestions with respect to social security because the election ads will demonize him for “cutting social security benefits”.  Further, Britt acknowledged that that strategy is one that has been perfected by Democrats.

Wow.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was nice to hear.

Keep it up fellas!

Out with the new. In with the old.

So, something happened to me today that sent shivers down my spine.  Something so horrible I couldn’t even bring myself to tell my family.  I was left all alone, in the dark, all by myself.

Did I say I was alone?

And in the dark?

That’s cause the light bulb in the lamp on my night stand went out!

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I am hard on Democrats.  And to be fair, I should really be more clear and rail against Liberals.  After all, I am SURE there are some decent minded Democrats out there.  The problem is, however, that Democrats are forced to keep supporting Liberals….and THAT makes me look at ’em sideways.

Anyway, the recent TSA hullaballu has me laughing at people.  And in this case, I’m mostly laughing at the Right.

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Continuing on the theme that Republicans Can Be Leftists Too is the latest installment.  And the guilty party?  None other than the Left’s favorite bloviator Sean Hannity.

I have been late in posting on this topic, and really, I should have been on top of it from the time it hit.

The subject?

The proposed mosque in New York City near the site of ground zero.

Republicans?  Against it.

Me?  Bad form.  But if they wanna build it, they should be allowed.

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