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I have greatly enjoyed this art of blogging –though I DO wish the name were different, it conotates a less mature effort than I think it is–that has allowed me to explore, connect and think about so many more issues in so many more ways than I otherwise would have.

How could people even as recently as 1995 been able to stay abreast of the current issues of the day like we do now?  Amazing.

Anyway, as is the nature of this thing we do, I was reading a post over at Poison Your Mind and the conversation turned in a very unexpected way/.  The post  had to do with the fact that the current crop of Republican governors are far more conservative than the constituency that elected them.  All this while the current Democrat governors were much more closely aligned.  Fascinating stuff.  Go read the whole thing.

However, we began discussing whether the current GOP governors were more fiscally conservative or socially.  I suspect that its the former, PYM felt otherwise.  And a quick discussion over some social issues took place with a comment that made me stop:

That’s because the pro-life movement is interested in preventing abortions, it’s about government mandating of traditional gender roles.


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