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The law says that you are only allowed to vote if you are a citizen.  And then only once.

Why is it that the Obama Justice Department continues to block efforts to enforce existing law?

AUSTIN, Tex. — Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is expected to enter the turbulent political waters of voting rights on Tuesday, signaling that the Justice Department will take an aggressive stance in reviewing new laws in several states that civil rights advocates say are meant to dampen minority participation in the national elections next year.

Can you imagine passing a speed limit law and then forbidding law enforcement from checking how fast you’re going in order to enforce said law?


So, the bi-partisian debt committee Has admitted to failure; they are unable to reach an agreement on the gap they were to address. A couple of things:

1. There is no one that seriously thinks we have a revenue problem. If they say that they are died in the wool Statists or they are lying.

2. The committee was never really considering realm cuts to spending. They were talking about cutting the amount they were gonna increase spending. Never, ever, was the idea to spend less next year than this year.

3. Failure to reach an agreement isn’t the end of the world; we still get 1 trillion in cuts.

4. Republicans running around claiming they can’t cut the Pentagon’s budget are acting like Democrats.

5. With that said, defense spending IS called for in the constitution. Food stamps and section 8 are not.

There’s been a lot of talk about the lack of a jobs bill to come out of Washington.  In the campaign of 2010, the mantra of “jobs, jobs, jobs” was heard from The Coast of Carolina to the coast of California.  Of course, we know how that election worked out.

Horribly for the Democrats.

Since then, any legislation by the Republican House that doesn’t deal directly with “jobs, jobs, jobs” has been derided by the Left as some sort of betrayal to the people.

Wanna pass a bill that talks about abortion?  Wanna discuss legislation that speaks to immigration?  All impossible under the chorus of mockery from the Left claiming that the Republicans haven’t passed a single jobs bill.

The Speaker of the House disagrees that his chamber has been silent:

 House Republicans have worked throughout the year to implement the Pledge to America, our governing agenda focused on removing government barriers to private-sector job creation, and later this year built on the Pledge by putting forth an expanded jobs agenda, our Plan for America’s Job Creators.  Our new majority has passed more than a dozen pro-growth measures to address the jobs crisis. Aside from repeal of the 1099 reporting requirement in the health care law, however, none of the jobs measures passed by the House to date have been taken up by the Democrat-controlled Senate.  

None have been taken up in the Senate.  More than a dozen bills.  None taken up in the Senate.


Very hard to blame the Republicans for the Democrats refusal even to consider such bills.  Much ado has been made about the Republicans use of the filibuster, but let’s not forget that the Democrats control the Senate.  And as such, only bring up legislation that they want to consider; a built in filibuster.

However, even with all of that aside, last night was illustrative:

Thursday night, there were a couple Democratic defections on Obama’s jobs measure. And despite a veto threat from the White House, 10 Democrats voted for a GOP alternative.’

The Democrats brought up a jobs bill in the Senate.

It was defeated 50-50.

Then the Republicans brought up a jobs bill.  Every single Republican voted for it.  AND 10 Democrats joined ’em.

It was defeated, 57-43, due to Democrat obstruction.

I find it fascinating that the Republicans garnered more bi-partisan support for a jobs bill in a Democrat Senate than the Democrat President was able to muster.

A tale of two jobs bills indeed.

Ya know, there’s been a lot of back and forth among folks on either side of the aisle concerning Voter ID laws making their way into state houses around the country.  With the massive Republican win in 2010, control of state government swung hard right.  And using those majorities and governorships, the GOP is passing laws that would restrict voting.  Now, the restrictions are common sense and are reasonable.  Basically, you have to be a citizen.  Crazy talk I know, but nothing will get a bunch of statists up in arms like a good government regulation!


But serious.  Think about voter id laws and the reaction to ’em.  It goes back to the days when polling places, cities, counties and even entire states tried to prevent black people from voting.  For no other reason than they were black.  We’re stuck there.  We can’t escape from there.  Talk about requiring some burden of proof and the immediate reaction is the usual “Tea Party is racist!” meme.


But here is something that will REALLY get the Left up in arms.  If we’re gonna restrict voting, restrict it on the basis of your Federal Tax burden.

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We have come to the point where the pendulum can’t swing any further “our way”.  We are going to have to begin to compromise.

This is a list of Senators, ranked by their conservative/liberal slant in 2010:

Barrasso WY R
Chambliss GA R
Cornyn TX R
Crapo ID R
DeMint SC R
McCain AZ R
Risch ID R
Thune SD R
Coburn OK R
Wicker MS R
Enzi WY R
Bunning KY R
Roberts KS R
Hutchison TX R
Sessions AL R
McConnell KY R
Hatch UT R
Inhofe OK R
Isakson GA R
Vitter LA R
Kyl AZ R
Shelby AL R
Ensign NV R
Graham SC R
Cochran MS R
LeMieux FL R
Corker TN R
Grassley IA R
Burr NC R
Alexander TN R
Bond MO R
Johanns NE R
Bennett UT R
Gregg NH R
Brown, Scott MA R
Murkowski AK R
Lugar IN R
Snowe ME R
Collins ME R
Voinovich OH R
Nelson NE D
Lieberman CT I
Tester MT D
Baucus MT D
Warner VA D
Lincoln AR D
Pryor AR D
McCaskill MO D
Webb VA D
Bennet CO D
Hagan NC D
Udall, M CO D
Nelson FL D
Landrieu LA D
Feinstein CA D
Begich AK D
Klobuchar MN D
Rockefeller WV D
Feingold WI D
Kohl WI D
Boxer CA D
Cantwell WA D
Conrad ND D
Shaheen NH D
Dodd CT D
Kerry MA D
Carper DE D
Specter PA D
Bingaman NM D
Dorgan ND D
Harkin IA D
Johnson SD D
Merkley OR D
Akaka HI D
Durbin IL D
Inouye HI D
Murray WA D
Casey PA D
Franken MN D
Udall, T NM D
Lautenberg NJ D
Menendez NJ D
Gillibrand NY D
Reed RI D
Schumer NY D
Brown, Sherrod OH D
Cardin MD D
Leahy VT D
Levin MI D
Mikulski MD D
Reid NV D
Sanders VT I
Stabenow MI D
Whitehouse RI D

No one is out of order.  Every single Republican is more conservative than every single Democrat.  And every single Democrat is more Liberal than every single Republican.


There is a gap.

The United States brings in some amount of money.  And the united States spends some other amount of money.

There is a difference between those two amounts of money; and right now, the bigger amount is the amount we spend.

We’re in debt and getting debt’ier.

All the talk ’round town is that we have to fix this problem pretty soon and the deadline that’s looming is the debt ceiling.  Everyone is looking at August 2nd and working to build a plan by then.

In it’s simplest form, the debate is about narrowing the gap of the spending and the revenue.

How are we gonna do that?

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I think that I have stumbled on the compromise that Congress needs to make.

On the one hand, you have the Left that insist the ONLY way to address our deficit is to raise more revenue; certainly this is a fair argument that deserves consideration.

On the other hand, you have the Right that insist the ONLY way to address our deficit is to cut spending; there will be no raising of the tax rate.  Again, a fair position worthy of consideration.

My solution is simple.

Do both.

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