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The argument made for the case of abortion is that it’s a woman’s choice what she wants to do with her body.  And to the extent that we’re talking about her body, I couldn’t agree more.

Tattoo?  Go for it.

Piercing?  Have at it.

Cut your hair?  Dye your hair?  Cut your finger nails?  All yours.

But does there exist a moment in time when the “woman’s body” transforms into the body of the child?  That is, is there a time, after conception and before literal birth when the collection of cells goes from a biology experiment to a living human?

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Okay, so, some time ago I posted here on TarHeelRed that I was pro-choice.  I want to explain where I was and where I am now.

So, I think that the Government is horrible at what it does.  Especially when what it does is something that it should not do.  So, using that as a maxim, I found myself coming out as pro-choice.  And here is why.

See, I am anti-abortion.  Totally.  Except when the mother is a victim of a crime or her life is in danger.  In those two cases, I am in favor of allowing the mother to choose.  However, in ALL cases, I am against late term abortions; even in crime cases.  Because I am in favor of legislation that would prohibit abortions, an exception would require judicial review.  And because I adhere to Pino’s Maxim, in part because I am Pino, I acknowledge that the government must necessarily suck at:

  1. Quickly deciding the case.
  2. Deciding it correctly.

Therefore, I was left with no choice, heh heh, but to come out on the side of:  Pro-Choice.

However, since then, I have rethought my position and decided that rather than give my okay to abortions that I consider immoral, I must advocate better legal procedures.

Therefore and hereby, I am, Pro-Life.