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I took some time this afternoon to drive downtown Raleigh and see what there was to see as Raleigh was Occupied.

I have to say upfront, I never expected the same time of scene in Raleigh that I would expect to see in NYC currently.  The folks in New York have been at this for nearly a month now and have a permanent camp in the park.  Here in Raleigh, the scene is different.  From what I understand, the organization has a permit.  They have attended informal conversations with like minded lawyers who have advised them on how to interact with people and the police.   They have urged their members to commit to non-violence.

This is to their credit.

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I resonate with getting and keeping things safe; I do.

But I wonder if everyone does.

RALEIGH — About 85 people held hands on a footbridge over Lake Johnson on Saturday afternoon to lament the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and to urge the transition to cleaner forms of energy.

What does that even mean?  This “transition to cleaner forms of energy.”

Who decides what “cleaner” means, and how do you measure it?

And then, who measures the damage done by transitioning OFF of oil?  Who’s gonna be in charge of that?

The spill in the gulf is a catastrophe; it’s horrible.

But it doesn’t mean oil is over.

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