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Or, Republicans Can Be Leftists Too!

We all want to what we think is the best for the folks under our care; at least I HOPE that’s what we wanna do.  Now, I understand that at the margin, there are politicians that do enter the system and play the game for the sole purpose of enriching themselves, either with power or money–or both.

By and large, however, I think they play the game in an effort to serve well.

And often times serving well means, or can mean, parenting.

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Folks, I lean Right, to the point of tipping maybe.  I certainly deserve that description.  Most of the content here is a critique of the thoughts, actions and policies of the Left.  I mostly abhor the nanny state and all that goes with it; entitlements and political correctness and “this in the name of fairness”.

I don’t hammer the Right enough, however.

With that said, I discovered a group of bloggers over at Poison Your Mind.

While they lean Left I find their tendencies more compelling.  They carry well thought out positions and, more important in the blogosphere, they are able to convey them with well written out posts and comments.

Go check ’em out!

Last month I posted about Media Bias as it pertained to the coverage in the Wisconsin Labor dispute between the public sector unions and Governor Walker.  In it, I decried that while Gallup DID, in fact, report on their poll that showed strong support for the limitation of State workers.  However, Gallup hid that report so deep and under such misguided headlines that it would never be found.

The top 3 most popular choices in dealing with state budgets?  Reducing the power and influence of the state worker.  Specifically, reducing the ability of the state unions to collectively bargain.

Recent headlines made me stop as I saw yet another case of media bias.

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And it’s not their fault.  See, the Liberals of yesterday have grown up and become the Conservatives of today.

Our problem is that we keep having children who become Liberals for a short time before reaching full adulthood.

Now, to be sure, some of those kids become infatuated with the concept of Liberalism and make it a lifestyle, but by and large….our youth outgrow their Liberal tendencies nicely.

Which leads me to this point.

We know that the housing bubble lead to our current economic malaise.  AND we know what lead to the housing bubble.

The problem?  Yesterdays children don’t.

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AT&T has long gotten a bad rap on their cellular coverage.  Common complaints include dropped calls, no signal, few bars and slow data speeds.

I can relate; I’ve had an iPhone for nearly 2 years now and have continually had problems with the coverage at my home and then again in a small “dead zone” on my way to the office.  A non-trivial condition considering how much I’m on the phone for work; both at home and on the way to the office.  While it’s gotten better over the last few years, it’s still frustrating and irritating.

However, things may soon change:

Raleigh, N.C. — The Research Triangle area is a high-tech hotbed when it comes to the emerging generation of faster wireless services with major carriers targeting the region for early deployment.

AT&T (NYSE: T) doesn’t intend to be left behind.

At a press conference on Wednesday that took place at a secluded North Raleigh data and switch center, the company disclosed plans for high-speed wireless broadband service known as “4G” to be rolled out later this year. They also stressed that the Triangle will be one of the first markets where new technology will deliver data, video and voice six to seven times faster than current 3G technology.

I can’t wait!

Several days ago my friend over at Rational Republican posted about the plight of California.  A once great state relegated to the backwaters of the nation.

After years of continued liberal policies, the state that may very well have been the economic powerhouse of the nation is instead hemorrhaging people, earners and businesses.

It’s sad.

To put it into words, consider the years following the bombing of Japan.

See what the difference is between a pro-growth and pro-liberal mindset.

Consider Hiroshima and Detroit.

RR, you have to move.