Tarheel Red Is Moving!!

After months of deliberation and procrastination, I’ve decided to move to a self-hosted location:


I hope the view is at least the same if not better.  The neighbors sure seem cool.  So stop on over, IPA and bourbon available upon request.  Moonshine and $1,000,000 bills are in the back.


  1. I looked for a way to send you a PM but couldn’t find. Maybe it’s because I am soaked to the bone and it is way past my bedtime (did you see us on the news tonight? 🙂 Anyway…I wanted to extend a personal invite to our 100 days of Occupying! Seriously I would like for you to come and hang out and get to know us! Just name the the time and we can meet. You can’t miss me I am the loud mouthed Irish chick with a killer smile and an attitude 🙂

  2. And that is how your beautiful natural stone floor is professionally installed.
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    6 shockingly evil things about marble

    Ditra is an underlayment that provides a solid foundation for the tile, while still allowing for slight movement of the substrate without damage.

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